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Eve Olasov - Buyers Agent - Charleston SC Real Estate Sales - Historic Charleston Homes
Special Requests
City to City Coordinator Explore and locate real estate from City to City.
Buyers should avoid dealing directly with the listing agents since by law they must represent their seller's best interests and NOT yours.
I can ensure that you have a Buyer Broker representative.  Find out more about how we can protect your interests.
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Once you're ready to organize your search and actually begin viewing homes in 3-D  I will make sure you are taken care of by an associate in each town and city who will protect your best interests & work exclusively for you.
First you'll need to define your selected locations so we can begin organizing your tour, preferences, and itinerary and put you in touch with the Exclusive Buyer representative in each location unless of course you choose to locate real estate in the greater Charleston, SC region where I can personally head up your tour.
Warmest regards,
        Eve Olasov